école intuit.lab

Faded Fragments

A FOCUS on Learning exhibition, curated by Andrea Fernandes

Vedika Bansal, Saachi Bhansali, Yash Chauhan, Joshua Desai, Rachita Gondhali, Kanishka Gupta, Rhea Kulkarni, Neil Lala, Manodnya Mehetre, Meghna Mitra, Resham Mulla, Shweta Pathare, Rithik Pulikken, Srishti Punjabi, Falguni Purohit, Nikhil Rao, Aditi Shah, Anusha Shah, Anushka Shah, Dhruvi Shah, Dhruvil Shah, Divangi Shah, Jahanvi Shah, Sanjana Shah, Simran Singh, Karan Suvarna, Pratyush Thakar and Rucha Thakoor.


Like photographs that often capture a moment or a series of moments, memory too is often a combination of fragments of information and emotions – smells, sounds, sights. And both, so inherently personal are yet so strongly shared. In this exhibition, individual and collective memory will be explored through people, objects and events using archives, staged imagery and personal accounts while collective memory will be examined through connecting and collecting the memories of people who have lived a shared experience. While some of the work engages in the relationship between dreams and memory, others depict the discomforting juxtapositions in dreams using techniques influenced by the surrealist movement.

Photographs capture a moment before it becomes the past. In this exhibition, the students of école intuit.lab bring the past into these moments. With varied explorations on the theme of memory, from personal reminiscences to surreal interpretations of dreams, the students take us through the what and how bringing in layers of intimacy, performance and cognition.

88, Old Prabhadevi Marg, Prabhadevi
022 6534 6822
Open daily, 9am – 7pm

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