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Generation Edge by Sarah Ballentine, Tara Boshkani, Mikayla Delson, Chloe Hazard, Bernice Mulenga, Anya Parakh, Karthik Mukund, Kevin Nguyen, Kayla Sturm, Ewan Waddell

Each generation has a distinct set of values shaped by the world they grew up in. Baby Boomers are known for being idealistic change agents,  Generation X are witheringly cynical,  while Millennials are stressed out authenticity seekers.

So what’s coming next? In 2013 and 2014 The Sound spoke to today’s teens, parents, and academics to understand the experiences, hopes, dreams, fears, and values of the next youth generation. After a year of research all around the world,  The Sound began to uncover learnings that reveal a cohort very different to the generations before them.

They’ve grown up fast, and they’ve been taught to be critical thinkers.
They are realistic and resilient.
They want to make a difference to the world.
They engage with the alternative and gravitate to rebels.
They want privacy, not infamy.
Coming of age in a world on the edge of huge change,  they’ve developed an edge of their own.

The Sound asked teenage photographers from India, the US, the UK and Canada to show them what it means to be young right now.

Meet Generation Edge.

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