Studio Sonam

Photographing the Female

Tasneem Alsultan, Malene Anthony, Poulomi Basu, Karla Cachet, Dharavi Art Room, Aruni Dharmakirthi, Candace Feit, Celeste Knirke, Jamie Knowlton, Miranda Lehman, Hailun Ma, Rania Matar, Cristobal Olivares, Birthe Piontek, Natasha Post, Hanna Putz, Mafalda Rakos, Marie Schuller, Paul Shiakallis, Prarthna Singh, Daro Sulakauri, Iiu Susiraja, Luo Yang, Sara Zanella and Alena Zhandarova

Curated by Sarah Høilund and co-curated by Matilde Søes and Poulomi Basu

Photographing the Female is a transnational project and exhibition that explores female identity and representation in photography through the lens of contemporary lens-based artists. In the exhibition more than 25 photographers from all over the world examine the state, condition and role of the female in contemporary society as they comment on different social and personal realities through central themes like the body, sense of self, gender roles and stigmatisation. The exhibition seeks to uncover consequences of society’s prescribed roles, challenge perceptions of what it means to be female and looks into cultural differences and similarities without judgement.

The work shown in this exhibition are stories defined by power, transformation, culture and struggle revealing to its audience that female identity is a complex and ever changing concept which holds no ultimate truth or definition.

The framework for Photographing the Female exists in the space between photography, memory and identity. As extensions of the human experience and memory photographs are visual archives of power and privilege through which we reflect, identify and ultimately understand our collective and individual selves. The exhibition is a reflection on the role of the photographic archive and the importance to history and social memory of bringing female narratives to the forefront of our social storytelling.

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