FOCUS Invites: Meet the curators

Marine Cabos

Marine is an art historian specialised in the arts of China, with a particular focus on photography. In 2011, she launched the online platform “Photography of China” to unearth a wide range of resources and provide curatorial advice for works that treat mainly China. She received her PhD in History of Art from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. She has published several papers on the art and history of modern and contemporary China and lectured at SOAS, Christie’s Education, the EHESS, and the Victoria & Albert Museum. She has worked in major cultural institutions in Shanghai, Paris, and London.

For FOCUS Invites Marine has curated a slideshow that plunges the viewer into memories of 1930s Shanghai through the lens of a Chinese amateur photographer called Luo Bonian. His photographs provide a rare glimpse into Chinese society and issues at stake in photographic practices during the Republican era, a period that spanned between 1912 and 1949.