Portfolio Reviews

Calling young and emerging photographers!

Free portfolio review sessions
Have a senior artist critique your work. A unique opportunity to discuss, share and gain new insights into how to develop your practice and career.

1pm – 4pm // Friday, March 10
Sessions hosted by photographer Sunil Gupta, and Steven Evans, Executive Director FotoFest International (USA).

3pm – 6pm // Saturday, March 11
Sessions hosted by photographers Raymonde April, Velibor Božović, Jinyoung Kim from Quebec, curators Maria Teresa Capacchione, Gitanjali Dang, Sarah Julie Ege Høilund and Matilde Søes.

3pm – 6pm // Saturday, March 20
Sessions hosted by hosted by photographers Chirodeep Chaudhuri, Philippe Calia, Shahid Datawalla, Jeroo Mulla and Sooni Taraporevala.

Limited spaces! Choose your time slot and RSVP here.
Venue: FOCUS Hub @ Ministry of New • Kitab Mahal, 3rd Floor, 192 D.N. Road, Azad Maidan, Fort • www.ministryofnew.in

Please follow our guidance notes when preparing your session:

– Each portfolio review will be conducted for 20 minutes
– Your portfolio can be in digital, print or photo book format
– Please provide captions or short descriptions for your images
– Please bring a CV or mention your previous work experience
– If you can, write a short concept note to summarise your work to yourself
– Please ensure you only choose one photographer and your preferred time from the list

Notes to remember

– A portfolio may state if the work explores a specific theme or a series of themes or ideas
– The images can be from a particular genre or several different genres, for example; street photography, portrait, conceptual, still life, fine art, and photojournalism.
– The photographer reviewing your work is experienced and has volunteered his/her valuable time to look at your work, so please make sure you bring your best work

Be prepared
– Ask yourself what you expect from this review
– Make a list of question to ask
– Take notes
– Try to imagine in what context your work would be best seen: as an exhibition, in book form, in the media, as a slide show…
– If you are showing digital files, organise them
– If you have prints, don’t hesitate to bring them
– Don’t argue with constructive criticism, you are just hearing an opinion – use it!