“FOCUS Photography Festival Mumbai takes place every two years, in the month of March.

Launched in 2013, the festival is modelled on the democratic nature of photography, the premise of FOCUS revolves around making its rich history freely accessible to all.

FOCUS extends out of the gallery space and onto the walls, shops and cafes of Mumbai as well into the very streets of the city. Working with a cross-section of different spaces, we aim to not only celebrate the art form through an eclectic choice of artists and new cultural collaborations, but also to reach and engage with a diverse array of visitors.

Since the inaugural edition, the FOCUS community has grown extensively and the sheer scope and range of exhibitions and workshops in 2015 paid testimony to the adventurous and collaborative ethos of the festival. In 2017 the programme expanded further to include even more international exhibitions, an impactful Learning & Participation programme – FOCUS on Learning, and collaborations with global museums and institutions. FOCUS 2017 Theme was MEMORY

What Went On: FOCUS 2017